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Past Newsletters



    This event is for members only.

  • The Fun Shoot is held on the second Saturday of every month, 8AM to 12PM, and is for Club members only. Please check the Club's Event Calendar beforehand as this event may be cancelled for another event.

    The Fun shoot will alternate with the following:

  • May              Trap
  • June             Trap/Five stand
  • August          Trap
  • September   Trap/ Five stand
  • November    Trap/ Five stand

  • With two trap fields, we can accommodate novices as well as seasoned shooters. The lower field is used mostly for straight 16 yard trap and is an ideal venue for the new/novice shooter. The upper field is mostly used for longer yardage and progressive trap. Games, such as Buddy Shoots, Annie Oaklies and Chip Shoots, are also shot on the upper field. However, because this is a "Fun Shoot" anyone can join the fun, regardless of experience or ability.
  • This shoot is strictly for fun. There are no paybacks.
  • Yardage is shooters' choice on both ranges.
  • Please restrain from signing more than one or two shoot slips at one time. This gives everyone a chance to shoot in a timely manner.
  • Our goal is to provide fun events in a non-competitive scenario. If you have a request, ask Event Coordinators Frank Valdez.
  • Come, join the fun, gain experience, improve your shotgun shooting skills and enjoy yourself and the other shooters.

  • FEES:

    The cost for the event for all levels of Club membership and all juniors under the age of 18 is $5.00.
    Non-members pay a $15.00 gate fee plus the $5.00 event fee.

    From time to time, according to the RSO schedule, there may be a Range Safety Officer scheduled for open shooting on the rifle and/or handgun ranges during the Fun Shoot. There is no cost for this open shooting. Please check the RSO Schedule by clicking on the RSO Schedule link on the Home Page to verify whether or not an RSO is scheduled on the Saturday you want to shoot.

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