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Past Newsletters

Pistol Fun Shoot

Results: Jan 2007    Mar 2007    Apr 2007    Oct 2007    Nov 2007    Dec 2007    Feb 2008    Mar 2008
Objective: To provide a handgun shooting venue friendly to beginner and intermediate level shooters in a safe, supervised environment and to help shooters increase their gun-handling skills.
Procedures: Stages are shot under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer. A timer is used to record the overall time used by the shooter to address the target stage.
Penalty points in the form of additional time are added for targets missed or for procedural errors. This "score keeping" is only intended to help the shooter measure his/her performance and progress. No scores are compared or posted. The shooter has the option of requesting that a timer not be used. There are no "winners" and thus no "losers."
When: First Sunday of every month with setup starting at 8:00 a.m. and the shooters meeting starting at 9:00 a.m. Feel free to come early and help set up.
Where: At the shooting facility in Alpine located on Sequan Truck Trail owned and operated by the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club (see map directions on website).
What to bring: Any semi-auto pistol or revolver capable of holding 6 rounds, holster or gun bag, 130 rounds of ammunition, a minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders, eye protection (shooting glasses), hearing protection and a desire to have some fun.
Holsters must be attached at the belt level unless it is a cowboy rig. No shoulder holsters or cross-draw rigs are to be used.
Cross-draw rigs may be used by Cowboy Action Shooter participants on a case-by-case basis. As an alternate to a holster, a gun rug or range bag may be used to store the firearm while not being used.
Fee: Fees are as follows: $5 for Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club members who help with either setup or tear down.
Club members who do not help with course setup or tear down pay $8.
Non-members pay $10.

All participants are welcome to re-shoot stages after the initial organized event is concluded.
This re-shoot is free, but participants are requested to help tear down the target setup at the end of the re-shoot period.
The re-shoot period will last approximately one-half hour or as announced by the Match Director.
Ammunition: It is requested that no magnum ammunition be used as it is hard on our targets.
Lead bullets are recommended over jacketed bullets as they reduce the likelihood of bullet fragments returning to the shooter area when metal targets are being used.
There is no minimum caliber or power factor required.
Less experienced shooters can use .22 caliber ammunition, if that is their choice.
Range Rules: A number of "common sense" range rules are used for the safety of all participants:
Handguns are handled, i.e., placed in your holster, only at the "safety area" designated by the Match Director.
The Range is a COLD RANGE, which means that all firearms are in the unloaded condition (an open magazine well in the case of semi-auto pistols) and in the holster at all times other than when shooting under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.
When engaging the targets, shooters must observe the �180 Rule� which means that the firearm must be pointed down-range at all times.
When moving between shooting positions, the shooter must have his/her finger outside of the trigger guard.
Other Information: At the initial address of the targets, beginner shooters are encouraged to use the �low ready� position, rather than draw from a holster.
Intermediate shooters will normally draw from their holster.
Shooters are encouraged to state their preference to the Range Safety Officer.
Some stages require movement between shooting positions.
Each shooter is encouraged to move only at a pace comfortable for the shooter.

Targets generally consist of metal plates, cardboard targets and/or paper plates.
Also sometimes used are bowling pins and a falling plate rack.

Only six shots are permitted before a mandatory reload on stages involving more than six shots.
A maximum of eight rounds can be loaded at a time. This permits clearing of stoppages.
If more than six shots are taken before a mandatory reload, penalty points will be added to the shooters score.

If you would like further information, please contact the Match Director, Roger Snipes at (619)445-5572 or

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Harold Callicott, from the "Pistol Fun Shoot" (no official name yet) held 3/4/01 at the Lemon Grove Gun Club. We had around 30 shooters and two facts were evident:
1. Everyone had a good time!
2. Everyone thinks they are better shot than the really are!
Click on the photos to see the full picture

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